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    Phoenix DUI Lawyer – DUI Defense Phoenix – Ariano & Associates

    Phoenix DUI Lawyer – DUI Defense Phoenix – Ariano & Associates
    When you see flashing red lights in your rearview mirror, you might experience a sense of panic and anxiety about the future. When you are arrested for committing a criminal offense in Peoria or the surrounding cities, the immediate threat of jail or prison, fines, mandatory classes, participation in treatment programs and/or counseling, driver’s license suspension, forfeiture of constitutional rights, damage to your reputation, probation, and/or a criminal record tell only part of the story. A misdemeanor or felony conviction can disrupt many facets of your life long after you have fulfilled all of the terms and conditions of a sentence or probation. A criminal record might complicate or derail your career, family relationships, academic aspirations, and personal or professional relationships.

    Our Peoria criminal defense lawyers at AZ Criminal Defense Group recognize the stakes are high when our clients are charged with a crime. Our law firm provides the expertise of seasoned Peoria criminal defense attorneys, extensive litigation resources, tenacious advocacy, and innovative defense strategies. We take a proactive approach to defending the rights, liberty, reputation, and future of our clients. Although many criminal cases settle through a plea agreement prior to trial, our experienced criminal defense attorneys prepare every case with an eye toward trial. Our philosophy is based on the premise that the best negotiated pleas are the product of effective and thorough trial preparation. Whether we are filing a motion to suppress important evidence, analyzing inconsistencies in the statements of witnesses, or evaluating forensic testing, our Peoria criminal defense lawyers seek to identify weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case to build a strong position for dismissal, acquittal, or a desirable reduction in the charges or sentence.

    Many people arrested for criminal offenses in Peoria and surrounding areas of Arizona initially proceed with a public defender. Although public defenders generally are experienced and diligent, they often labor under the burden of massive caseloads with limited access to financial resources. At AZ Criminal Defense Group, our attorneys limit the number of criminal cases we handle at any point in time, so we have the resources to engage renowned experts, conduct sophisticated forensic testing, seek psychological evaluations, or otherwise utilize resources that might be cost prohibitive or too time intensive for a public defender.

    A criminal record can significantly shift the trajectory of your life in many ways that include:

    • Interfering with applications to obtain loans or financing
    • Creating a barrier to jobs that require state occupational licensing
    • Limiting your ability to travel outside the state or country
    • Imposing restrictions on residential and rental options
    • Foreclosing the ability to exercise certain rights (e.g. gun ownership/possession, voting rights, jury duty)
    • Disqualification from professional licensing opportunities
    • Imposing barriers to academic pursuits
    • Preventing ability to obtain security clearances necessary for promotions
    • Impairing immigration status and benefits

    Although these are only a few examples of the way that a felony or misdemeanor conviction can impact your life, our Peoria criminal defense lawyers carefully investigate the facts and tailor our defense strategy to the unique circumstances of the case. The attorneys of our law firm work tirelessly to ensure that our clients do not suffer a wrongful conviction. We also tenaciously defend your rights and liberty to prevent an isolated mistake or momentary bad decision from derailing your future.

    While the best defense strategy for a case must be customized to fit the charges, facts, and situation, our Peoria criminal defense lawyers often use a range of defenses that might include:

    • Asserting Miranda violations
    • Exposing inconsistent statements or lies by the complaining witness, arresting officers, and others
    • Revealing law enforcement officer infringement of your constitutional rights
    • Seeking suppression of illegally obtained evidence
    • Contamination of blood, DNA, urine, or other biological evidence
    • Attacking illegal searches and seizures
    • Suppression of confessions that are not voluntary
    • Disclosing law enforcement bias based on racial profiling or other impermissible grounds
    • Challenging blood alcohol concentration (BAC) chemical testing and field sobriety tests
    • Misconduct by law enforcement

    If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor, felony or DUI in Peoria or the surrounding areas of Arizona, you should refuse to answer any questions and seek immediate legal advice and representation.


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